Volunteers Supporting COVID-19 Helpline


The slogan of Malta Health Network has been every citizen is a potential patient. Never like this pandemic has this statement been so true. As Malta Health Network, right from the very beginning we wanted to contribute to the welfare of our citizens. We realized that a way of doing this was by issuing a call for volunteers who could help in the numerous chores which our authorities would face over a number of weeks. Many employees are giving more than their utmost but being supported in their work by volunteers makes the task more bearable. In early March MHN issued a call which was supported by members and other entities. Primary support was given by SOS Malta, ASLP Malta, Friends of the Sick and Elderly in Gozo, MMSA and MHSA.

Within a few days we had over 500 volunteers of all ages and all walks of life who were keen to give their time and energy to help. Soon we teamed up with Public Health and there we identified roles which could be taken up by volunteers to supplement and support the work of professionals. The work done by volunteers included many tasks from data input, making phone calls, taking temperature at the entrance of strategic places, contributing to translations of published material to make this accessible to the multi-lingual communities in Malta and more. We have other who volunteered to run errands for vulnerable people whom it is recommended that they do not go out of their homes. If there are any persons within this vulnerable group who need such service please do contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

We have no words to thank the generous heart of the people living in Malta. The call for volunteers is still open so anyone interested in contributing are to register via COVID-19 volunteers registration.

Together we will make it!

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