The Malta Health Network (MHN)’s statute entitles membership to:

All organisations which are focused on patients’ welfare and community health – more specifically: Health Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Health Not-for-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and Patient Representative Groups (PRGs) in Malta and Gozo.


Membership Application Process

Interested organisations should submit an application form via MHN’s website How one can become member’. Alternatively, they can request an application form from MHN’s Secretary on  All completed forms – whether submitted electronically or by post – should be accompanied by a copy of the relative organisation’s mission statement and updated Statute. A description of services and current projects may also be submitted.

Health NGOs and Health NPOs which act as representatives of health professionals and health workers can also be eligible for membership on the same criteria and on submission of the above-mentioned documentation.

All applications will be evaluated by the vice-Chairperson who will determine whether he requires further documentation or a meeting with representatives of the organisation.

The Board’s Secretary will duly advise applicants about The Board’s decision.

Each new member-organisation shall provide The Board’s Secretary with the organisation’s name, the postal and email address and relevant contact details.  MHN shall maintain a regularly updated register of member-organisations’ contact details, including membership approval date and, where appropriate, membership discontinuation date.

In the case of current members, MHN’s Board is authorized to request member-organisations to clarify their position vis-à-vis fulfilment of organizational guidelines.



Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is Twenty-Five Euro (€25) due on January of each year.


Termination of Membership

A member-organization may be removed MHN Board if the organization:

  • Is not focused on patients’ welfare and community health in Malta and Gozo;
  • Fails to pay its membership fee within one (1) year from when the membership fee is due;
  • Is bankrupt or undergoing Court proceedings or has been found guilty of misconduct or of working against the MHN’s objectives;
  • Is requested to stop operating by the accredited Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

The member-organisation shall be informed of any inadequacies in writing and shall be given a reasonable time to rebut same and shall be afforded fair means to conduct its defence.

The final decision and the reasons underlying such a decision shall be communicated in writing to the member-organisation.

A member-organisation of the MHN may also wish to terminate its own membership by giving notice in writing to the Secretary.