Patient Empowerment Training 2023

Launch of Patient Empowerment Training Sessions

November 2022

In November 2022 MHN launched The Patient Empowerment Training sessions. This also served to commemorate MHN 15 years anniversary since it has been founded.

For this event MHN was honored with the presence of Hon. Julia Farrugia Portelli, Minister for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisation and Consumer Rights, and also with the presence of the Shadow Minister for Health Hon Dr. Stephen Spiteri.

Speech for the Occasion by MHN Chairperson Ms Gertrude Buttigieg

Speech by Past Chairperson of MHN Mr Anthony Guillaumier

Speech by Hon. Julia Farrugia Portelli

Speech by Hon. Dr Stephen Spiteri

Patient Empowerment Training session 1:

Access To Services

12th January 2023

On the 12th January 2023 MHN held its 1st Patient Empowerment Training session on Access to Services.

The Speakers were:

Dr. Patrick Farrugia who spoke about making proper use of A&E Department

Dr. Glenn Garcia who spoke about how and where to seek help in the Community and accessing health services in particular public health services.

Dr. Glenn Garcia presentation (pdf): An overview of the Primary HealthCare Services and Facilities-

Dr. Patrick Farrugia presentation (pdf): Health network A&E Department

Information on Telemedicine services offered by Primary Care Malta (pdf)

Presentation by Dr. Glenn Garcia (Video)

Presentation by Dr. Patrick Farrugia (Video)

Patient Empowerment Training session 2:

What we need to know about antibiotics and Antimicrobial resistance.

27th January 2023

On the 27th January 2023 MHN held its 2nd Patient Empowerment Training Session on What we need to know about antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance.

The speakers were;

Profs. Michael Borg who spoke about making proper use of antibiotics

Mr.Mariano Votta who spoke about antibiotics and anti microbial resistance.

Mr.Mariano Votta pdf Presentation

Profs. Michael Borg pdf Presentation

Profs Michael Borg Video presentation

Mr.Mariano Votta Video Presentation

Patient Empowerment Training session 3:

Patient Rights

7th February 2023

On the 7th february 2023 MHN held its 3rd Patient Empowerment training session on Patient Rights.

The speakers were:

Profs. Ray Galea (Commisioner for health within the Office of The Ombudsman)

Mr.Christopher Vella ( Vice Chairperson of Malta Health Network)

Chris Vella Pdf Presentation Patient rights

Chris Vella video presentation

Patient Empowerment Training Session 4:

Self -Management

9th March 2023

On the 9th March 2023 MHN hold its 4th Patient Empowerment Training Session. This session  focused on Self-Management.

This session was delivered by:

Dr. Mario Grixti who spoke about Self-Management in Diabetes

Dr. Mariella Borg Buontempo who spoke about Self-Management programme organised by The Health Promotion Department

Video presentation by Dr. Mariella Borg Buontempo

Video presentation by Dr. Mario Grixti

Patient Empowerment Training Session 5:

Safe use of Medicine

23rd March 2023

On the 23rd March 2023 MHN hold its 5th and final Patient Empowerment Training Session on Safe Use of Medicine.

During this session Hon. Dr. Jo Etienne Abela was also invited and he gave a short message to those present.

This session was delivered by:

Mr. Benjamin Micallef and Ms. Sarah Hili who spoke about safety Use of medicine.

Mr. Benjamin Micallef pdf presentation

Video Presentation: Safe use of Medicine presentation

The  project has been funded through The Training Initiative Scheme by the MCVS  and further supported by The Malta Medicines Authority