Year 2024


MCVS Grant Award Ceremony

28th February 2024

MHN through the MCVS (Malta Council Voluntary Sector) applied for the Small Initiative Scheme Project and our project named UP To You has been awarded.

This project is 100%funded through the MCVS Scheme.

MHN Annual General Meeting 2024

26th February 2024

On the 26th February MHN held its Annual General meeting for year closing 2023. Annual reports and financial reports were presented and approved by members present. This was also followed up with a discussion on MHN position paper.

ANNUAL report 2023

February 2024

Meeting with Health Minister

7th February 2024

On the 7th February MHN board met with the New Health Minister Hon. Dr. Jo-Etienne Abela. During this meeting MHN introduced themselves and also discussed how MHN and the Ministry for Health can collaborate together.

The Association of Podiatrists Malta

19th January 2024

In January 2024 MHN received a new membership form by the Association of Podiatrist Malta. The Association of Podiatrist Malta were approved anonoumsly by MHN board.