Patients shouldn’t suffer due to Industrial Actions


Statement by Malta Health Network April 2023

After 8 months we are back to square one where patients are at the mercy of yet another industrial dispute between unions and Health Authorities. Patients and their relatives should not bear the burden of suffering from industrial actions and disputes.

In the month when we promote Patients’ Rights it is very opportune to remind all and appeal for the safeguarding of Patients’ rights. It is essential to uphold patients’ rights to ensure that they continue to receive safe and effective healthcare. MHN appeals to all parties involved to uphold their duty and observe the rights of all patients while always ensuring their safety and dignity regardless of the circumstances. Open communication with patients and providing them with necessary information during such times should be a priority.

We are totally in agreement and supportive of statement recently issued by the Commissioner for Health who has urged for a resolution of the situation in order to have the less possible impact on the Maltese Health Care System.

It is utterly unfair and unsafe for patients to be made to suffer at the expense of such situations and is also an emotional burden for many health care workers who have their patients’ best interests at heart.  The bottom line is that, ultimately, we are ALL patients or relatives of patients at some point in our lives and we ALL appreciate that our health and wellbeing, supported by health care services, is the most important thing in our lives.   

MHN is the national umbrella organisation bringing together over 40 health related organisations and represents over 12,000 families.