Training Seminar 4: The Patient and Legislation

Malta Health Network is proud to announce Training Session 4 : The Patient and Legislation

This 4th Seminar will include an overview of the process involved in the drafting and approval of a Law in Malta and when and how civil society can intervene in the process. A look at Patients’ rights in Malta will also be discussed.

This is the last of  4 training seminars which are looking at on how Patient organisations can have more influence on the development of Health related policies in Malta and on a European level. The voice of organisations is very important in the process currently undertaken by local authorities in formulating the Health Strategy 2030.

In view of this need for Health Organisations to have a more organised and robust voice MHN is offering this training for free to it’s members and all interested organisations so that entities will be in a better position to liaise, with local authorities and contribute actively to the process in a timely manner.

We look forward to welcome all interested for these training sessions. A certificate of attendance will be given.

Those who have not attended the previous sessions are also welcome to attend.

For more details visit our events calendar.

Find link with details and registration for the session 4