What is EUPATI?

The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) is a pan-European project implemented as a public-private partnership by a collaborative multi-stakeholder consortium from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, not-for-profit, and patient organisations. The Academy was started, developed and implemented as a flagship project of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (http://www.imi.europa.eu/), and continues to be led by the European Patients’ Forum. EUPATI has already trained 96 patient experts on medicines development, clinical trials, medicines regulations, health technology assessment. Additionally, EUPATI offers and maintains the Toolbox on Medicine Development, and coordinates a network of national platforms for patient advocates.

EUPATI focuses on education and training to increase the capacity and capability of patients to understand and contribute to medicines research and development and also improve the availability of objective, reliable, patient-friendly information for the public.

Two English language Patient Expert Training Courses were carried out in 2014 to 2016 and a web-based toolbox, hosting educational material in English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German, French and Russian launched in January 2016, for use by the patient community across Europe and beyond. The additional languages Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese, and Danish will be added throughout 2017. The Toolbox is also available in Maltese Language.  Ongoing projects of EUPATI include rigorous content development for patient education, the furthering of advocacy skills of patient experts, and the strengthening of a European patient movement, and a continuously updated inventory of possibilities for patients to get involved in biomedical research and development.

*We do not educate about disease-specific issues or therapies, but about the process of medicines development in general. Indication-specific information or specific medicine interventions are beyond the scope of European Patients’ Academy and are the remit of health professionals as well as patient organisations.

The project was launched in Malta in early 2014. Over these years there were 2 Maltese patients who followed the course and graduated as EUPATI Fellows and a third person is doing the training over 2017-2018. The Malta Health Network held various information sessions to raise the work of EUPATI among Maltese Patients, Professionals and Society in general.  Any entity interested in organizing such information sessions is to contact us.

Report of AGM Report Berlin 20 May 2019

Find out more on:  www.eupati.eu 

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