Patient Empowerment Training 2023

Between January – March 2023 the Malta Health Network will be carrying out a series of seminars entitled Patient Empowerment Training. These are aimed to equip patients, carers, professionals and public in general on health matters which are key to manage better ones health and make use of the appropriate services as required.


Session 5: Safety of Medicines

23rd March 2023

Key Speakers:
Dr. Benjamin Micallef (Malta Medicines Authority)
Ms. Sarah Abela Hili (Malta Medicines Authority)
Presentations will be followed by questions.

Hopefully we will be honored with the presence of Hon Joe Etienne Abela,  Minister for Active Aging and Prof Anthony Serracino Inglott,  the Chairperson of the Medicines Authority.

Attendance if Free but registration is highly recommended. Please register through this link.

This project has been funded by the Training Initiatives Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and is also being supported by the Malta Medicines Authority.

Session 1: Access to Services

The first session was held on 12th January 2023. Links to recordings of the presentations will be made available shortly.

Session 2: What we need to know about antibiotics and Antimicrobial resistance.

Session 2 was held on 27th January 2023 with Mr. Mariano Votta- Director of Active Citizen Network(ACN) & board member of AMR Patient Alliance and Dr. Michael Borg- Chair of The National Antibiotic Committee Malta as Key speakers. Link to recording of the presentations will be made available shortly

Session 3: Patients’ rights

Session 3 was held on 7th February 2023 with Prof Ray Galea, Health Commissioner and Mr Christopher Vella Vice-Chair Malta Health Network who gave a broad overview of the origin of Patients’ Rights and what options are available within Malta. Link to recording and presentations will be made available shortly.

Session 4: Self-Management

Session 4 was held on 9th March 2023. Speakers were Mr. Juan Jose Fernandez Romero ( Policy Officer European Patients Forum), Dr. Mario Grixti (Principal coordinator for diabetes services and Health Care in the Community Primary Care) and Dr. Mariella Borg Buontempo (Consultant Public Health, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate).  Relevant links which were presented during this session will be made available shortly.