European Patients’ Rights Day and World Health Day

European Patients’ Rights Day

On the 19th April throughout Europe Citizens get together to celebrate Patients’ Rights Day. Together with other European Organisations MHN this year is supporting the initiative of Active Citizenship Network (ACN) to create awareness in preparation for the EU elections. The themes being promoted this year are primarily prevention, innovation and a new health governance for the European Union. Towards EU Elections – ACN Position Paper .

Patients’ Rights on the media

Patients to benefit from soft-skills training being given to healthcare employees

“Naf li nista’ nispiċċa f’wheelchair imma mhux se naqta’ qalbi” – Christine

The use of medical cannabis to deal with chronic pain

European Patients’ Rights Day: Rights which should not be taken lightly

World Health Day

On 7th April World Health Organisations (WHO) marks “The World Health Day”. The Theme Chosen for 2019 was   Universal Health Coverage, UHC.

UHC is a “coin” with two sides: that health care reaches everyone, and that no one incurs in financial hardship as a result of being sick and seeking for care.

UHC is WHO’s number 1 goal.

The importance of these “World Days” is also the mediatic power they bring.

Not only tailored material is developed to make sure that the message reaches the largest number of people possible, from lay citizens to Heads of States.

Such Days also have the strength that … the entire world is speaking about the same topic at the same time.

For more information on WHD 2019 click here. On a European level one may be interested to read about out-of-pocket payments for health, particularly for medicines, which are unaffordable for many in Europe read here