Empowering patients and Health related NGOs to influence Health Policy at National and International levels




“It is important to recognize that both patients and doctors have rights and responsibilities.” HE Dr George Vella, President of Malta

HE Dr George Vella, President of Malta opened the first training session from a series of 4 sessions organized by the Malta Health Network (MHN) under the patronage of His Excellency. He spoke about how these training sessions help bring both patients and doctors together for the benefit of the patient.

The training sessions targeted Maltese patients and Health related NGOs. The training sessions brought together local and foreign speakers who  delivered presentations on how Civil Society can act in a pro-active way in the drawing up of National and International policies and legislation. The trainers  highlighted how EU Policies effect Malta and how the Maltese patient and Health related NGOs could contribute through the better understanding of EU policy and legislation development.

The training focused on:

  1. Providing tools in order to familiarize participants with local and relevant EU institutions in the area of health policy;
  2. Maximizing the Health related NGOs’ potential for networking with other NGOs, professional bodies, experts, national authorities, etc
  3. Providing information on the most efficient ways of giving useful feedback on any health policies that will be proposed

The last 2 training sessions will be held on 15th January and 7th February 2020.

The organisation of such training is partly funded through the Training Initiative Scheme, funded by MCVS on behalf of the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organisations.