Development of an Integrated Simulation and Assessment in Donning and Doffing for healthcare professionals (ISADD)




During the COVID-19 Pandemic the importance of good dressing protocols in the use of Protective Clothing in clinical settings became more evident.

Healthcare professionals must meticulously follow updated protocols on the appropriate use of control measures, including the appropriate wearing (donning), removal (doffing) and disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE), designed for the mitigation of transmission risks associated with infectious diseases. Unintentional breaching of processes during donning/doffing PPE, such as touching the face while doffing or incorrect removal of gloves, can increase transmission of COVID-19; thus, it is imperative that PPE protocols are strictly adhered to.

The Malta Health Network supported the ISADD, a research project led by Neville Schembri, a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Applied Sciences at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), in collaboration with the Institute of Information and Communications Technology and the Applied Research & Innovation Centre at MCAST (research team photo in Figure 1), aimed to address this issue.

Further details can be found Article Malta Health Network – PART 1